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"There is no way we could have pulled off this wedding (with grace!) without your help. Thanks to you, I was able to relax and enjoy myself and not worry about the multitude of details. Honestly your presence throughout this marathon event made all the difference."
Lee, (Mother of the bride) Burlington, VT

Facilities and Rates

Table SettingCost

  • Weekend event (3 days and 2 nights) - $7,500

Rustic Sleeping Cabins

  • Cabins have single beds and/or bunk beds with camp style mattresses.
  • Depending on the cabin they can sleep from 6 to 12.
  • All cabins have limited electricity.
  • With the exception of one or two cabins in each campus there are no bathrooms in the cabins.
  • Both boy's and girl's campuses have a bathroom and shower facility.
  • Each campus can sleep about 100 people.

Nicer Sleeping Cabins

  • On Bachelor Hill and a few other locations, there are about 9 more cabins that have their own bathroom facilities.
  • These cabins are a little nicer and can sleep from 2 to 4 guests on twin, full and queen size mattresses.

Dining Hall

  • The dining hall can accommodate 200+ people.
  • It includes 12 - 5' 6" and 12 - 6' foot round tables as well as 14 - 8' rectangle tables with over 200 chairs.
  • The dining hall has a beautiful stone fireplace and natural wood floor that can be used for dancing.
  • The kitchen in our dining hall is fully equipped with all camp plates, utensils and serving ware.

Other Facilities

  • Basketball court, volleyball court, designated tennis courts and soccer fields are available for guest.
  • Pool may be available depending on the time of year.
  • Field house, recreation hall and other smaller buildings are also available.
  • Ample parking is available at designated parking locations.
  • Designate campfire circles in boy's and girl's campuses.
  • Amphitheatre with seating and campfire circle.
  • Hiking trails through out camp.

Additional Available Facilities (cost separately)

  • The Inn at Teela-Wooket is a beautiful country style inn on the camp property.
  • It has 5 rooms with private baths and rents for $1,500 for the two nights.
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